November 18, 2022

To you our valued Pioneer Equipment customer,

As we approach the end of 2022, we reflect over the past 44 years of serving the draft horse and farming industry. We have many relationships and fond memories to treasure from this journey. As much as we enjoyed the journey, we are faced with realities of change that evolve over time.

Changes in farming have come gradually over the past two decades. Most remaining dairy farmers have transitioned to grazing and/or organic farming. Beef farming has gained strongholds along with sheep and goats. Horse breeding and raising dogs have risen to an all-time high.

Another change is industry within the plain communities. Families working together in business provides similar benefits to farming, and for many it is more sustainable. Today, many plain families have their primary source of income off the farm. As farming methods changed, many farmers needed additional work for their family and started manufacturing some farm machinery for their local community and beyond.

Launching Ackerman’s Equipment & Rental in 2018 and acquiring Mt. Hope Elevator in 2020 brought various changes to our company. In many ways we can now offer more to the greater plain community than we could with just Pioneer Equipment products. Through Ackerman’s we connect to many manufacturers in the plain community to sell their products.

Other changes at Pioneer during this time, included the introduction of new product lines outside of horse drawn equipment – Pioneer Carriage, Flextur, and Custom Fabrication.

After much thought and prayer, we concluded the time is right to make a change. With our focus on building momentum in these newer markets, we made the hard decision to liquidate our remaining horse drawn equipment inventory and sell the manufacturing components and spare parts. We are planning a Pioneer Equipment Liquidation / Dispersal and Consignment Auction on December 28, 2022 at Mt. Hope Auction Grounds in Mt. Hope, Ohio. Air Works Auction Company will be handling the auction.

All the remaining equipment will be sold at the upcoming public auction on December 28th. We will also sell jigs, drawings, and manufacturing rights of each product line. We are taking consignments from dealers, farmers, and customers of new or used Pioneer Equipment to be sold on auction day.

All cataloged consignments are due to Air Works (Emanuel Miller – by November 25, 2022.
Uncatalogued consignments will be accepted up to 4pm, December 27, 2022. As dealers or manufacturers, you will have the opportunity to buy the product line, or continue buying the product from the new manufacturer that acquires the line. We extend our sincere appreciation for your past business and loyalty over the years. May God bless and keep you as you continue on your own journey.


Daniel W. Wengerd
Daniel W. Wengerd
President / CEO

Pioneer Equipment Sulky

Our Product Design & Quality

Our team of dedicated employees is always seeking ways to improve our quality and service. The research and development of each new piece of equipment follows many specific steps. Design, development, testing, and gathering feedback about the performance of prototypes, are all very important steps in the process.
Pioneer Equipment Facility

About Us

The Wengerd family started building horse-drawn plows in the summer of 1976. Most of the plow parts were manufactured in the small family farm shop. Spring and spike tooth harrows were some of the first products added to Wengerd’s equipment line, and the first steel wheel was made in March of 1983. Wagon gears and forecarts came on board in the mid to late 80’s. In 1986 a corporation was formed and the business name was changed to Pioneer Equipment Inc. and now more recently to Pioneer Corp.

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