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The New Pioneer Cultivator is a culmination of research, engineering and testing over
several years. This cultivator is equally capable between rows of plastic and rows of corn. Precise
steering, excellent visibility and crop clearance, highly adjustable sweeps and finger weeders, all
easily pulled with just two horses. The shallow cultivation concept was founded in Europe and has
become a proven method of effective weed control. Shallow cultivation removes the weeds along
the surface without stirring up the soil at depths where the majority of weed seeds are located.
• Tongue steers rear wheels for maximum control
• Additional lift on gangs provide ample clearance to cross irrigation lines
• Elevated seat for optimal view of crop
• Foot pedal steering to prevent damage to crop
• Accommodates two or three horse hitches
• Cushioned tractor seat with armrests and adjustable slide
• All adjustments are simple with a 3/4” wrench
• Adjustable tines for precise depth control and optimal performance
• Adjustable gangs accommodate 30” to 36” row spacing
• 24” steel wheels or 13” air tires
• 35” steel eyebolt neckyoke and 3-horse evener included with Corn Cultivator
• 64” steel doubletree and eyebolt neckyoke included with Produce Cultivator


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