LK-35 PTO Cart

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Enjoy your time in the field with a machine you can depend on. The quiet 35HP Vanguard engine will handle the majority of implements used on a horse-powered farm. The adjustable drawbar stabilizer eliminates balance problems on a two-wheeled cart. This unique design ends swaying, tongue weight problems, and PTO shaft binding issues. This feature also provides better stability when making turns and working on hillsides. Includes raised adjustable steel draft tongue & lift spring kit, hydraulic brakes, rubber torsion axles, four hydraulic quick-disconnect outlets, cushioned tractor seat & bracket, offset bracket for multiple horses, foot pedal steering, storage cover, toolbox, and 4” & 6” bolt-on stabilizer pins.

• Engineered for maximum performance when working in the field
• Designed for operator comfort and safety
• Hydraulic steering for better control
• Hydraulic stabilizer for better control and eliminate jack-knifing
• Rubber torsion axle for smoother ride
• Raised tongue with lift spring eliminates tongue weight
• Hydraulic brakes with lock valve

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